Fee Structure (2022-23)
Type Of Fee Periodicity Amount (in Rs.) 2022-23
1. Admission Fee (One Time) 50% in case of sibling 12,000.00
2. Annual Charges (Only one child of a family) Half yearly (In two equal instalment in April& Oct) 9,000.00
Tuition Fee
(a) Classes Nursery to V Monthly 3,000.00
(b) Classes VI to VIII " 3,600.00
(c) Classes IX to X " 4,300.00
(d) Classes XI and XII " 5,100.00
Bus Charges(For 11Months Only) Transport Fee shall not be charged for the month of June
(a) From Ramnagar Monthly 1,650.00
(b) From Kashipur " 1,600.00
(c) From Thakurdwara & Jaspur " 1,700.00
For other stop bus charges please contact Account department
Computer Training
(a) Classes III to V " 550.00
(b) Classes VI to VIII " 700.00
Science Fee
(a) Classes IX to X Monthly 400.00
(b) Classes XI & XII (for PCM Group) " 550.00
(c) Classes XI to XII (for PCB Group) " 750.00
Sports Fee
Class Nursery to XII Monthly 200.00
Class Nursery to XII (Digital attendance, homework reports, online fee submission Monthly 120.00
Others Fee
Class Nursery to X (Sports Day/Annual Day & other school functions) Monthly 100.00
Class XI &XII (Sports Day/Annual Day & other school functions Farewell/ Board Practical exams) Monthly 200.00
Examination Fee Aug, Dec & March 450.00
For Classes XI & XII Only (OPTIONAL SUBJECTS ) Monthly 800.00
Additional Subject for classes IX & X (FIT/Food Production/ Home Science/IT) Monthly 800.00
For Classes IV to XII only
Communication skills, Vedic Maths & Personality Devlopment (By TWIN -WIN, New Delhi. Resource Persons:- Editor, The Times Of India & Former IAS) Monthly 275.00
1. No Bus charges for June during the academic session. Online fee payment mode only through mobile application E-Care Pro (ERP) & cash deposit in PNB Bank (any branch) through School Fee bill
2. Annual charges will be paid by only one child of a family.
3. 50% admission fee discount for siblings at the time of admission
4. Billing will be done once in two months