Manager’s Desk

In many ways contemporary education has trapped us all into narrow definitions of ‘Development’ ‘Progress’ ‘Education’ ‘Science’ and ‘Modernity’. However in today’s highly competitive world there is a great stress on achievement, perfection and high performance. In the process of reaching such high goals, the children are pressurized by both parents and teachers. This leads to frustrations, uncertainties and unhappiness. At Little Scholars, we feel it is more important to let a child develop naturally at its own pace and not nurture unrealistic aspirations.

Thirty five years ago we sowed the seeds of such an educational institution and today we are reaping the rich harvest. True knowledge, lies in helping a child to know its ownself, its own capabilities and to develop and utilize these vis-à-vis his society and environment. We strive to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among our students which will empower the future citizens to become global leaders of the world.

The India International Friendship Society, New Delhi has conferred ‘ Shiksha Rattan Pushkar’ on Mr. S.K. Singh, Principal of our school, for his exemplary and meritorious services to the noble profession of teaching and on this occasion I wish to extend my best compliments to him on being felicitated for his valuable contribution in the field of education.

All our efforts over the last thirty five years have not been in vain and we are proud that we have produced some good citizens for our country.