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  • Event Date: 10-May-2023
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Description: #SpecialOlympicsBharat is an officially recognised programme of Special Olympics International which operates in India. It was founded in 1988 as Special Olympics India, and from 2001 it became as Special Olympics Bharat. We under the pilot project THE OPEN ARMS aiming to Accommodate,Respect and mainstream the specially abled into our society by removing social barriers. The project aims to create awareness of the concept of “Inclusive Education “where some volunteers devoted their time to study the merits and method of implementing it within our curriculum, We named it #OPEN_ARMS_PROJECT Today at #JSR_Indu_Samiti Pirumadara, We the Little Scholarians went for Special Olympics Unified Sports to encourage the idea of building the community of acceptance. On this special occasion children of both the schools - JSR INDU SAMITI ( school for specially abled ) and LITTLE SCHOLARS (mainstream) participated in different races( 50m , 100 m and 200 mtrs). Children of both the schools were enthusiastic to participate in each event.Inspite of such hot weather all were overwhelmed to participate. It was not about losing or winning it was all about taking part. This shows the true sport spirit among the children to hold the hand of each other. Hoping to go for more such events! In nutshell it was a fun filled day.