Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Students,
This year has been one of the most unfortunate and unforgettable years for some unwanted reasons. What we all have faced and are still facing is no less than a catastrophe. Despite such adverse conditions, we have, so far, stood firmly.

As the saying goes, "Prosperity makes friends but adversity tries them" and our esteemed parents have proven it that they are with us.

Thanks for your trust and selfless support during this hour of need.

As the online classes post lockdown enters it's third month, at LS, the students and staff of Little Scholars have been able to successfully achieve their academic goals to a very large extent.

Goes without saying, this has not only been more taxing and exhausting than regular classes, for both the staff and students, but also more strenuous on the eyes.

Coming back to the academics, let me convey it to you all that as soon as this pandemic is over and circumstances become normal, we shall resume routine studies. It's an earnest plea that you should also try to motivate your children to attend online sessions, regardless of the prevailing scourge.

"A stitch in time saves nine". At this critical juncture, when the scourge is aggravating, it would be perilous to reopen citadels of learning. I am quite hopeful that you will comprehend the gravity of prevailing circumstances and continue to support us.

In view of repeated requests from most of the parents, the Little Scholars, has planned to reschedule online classes in the form of Summer Camp Activities so that our children will relax from too much 'screen time'.

At the same time Board students of classes 10 & 12 are given Special Classes in all Subjects to keep their studies uninterrupted

Remain safe and healthy!

We, pray to the Almighty that we all emerge out of the pandemic situation of COVID-19 with good health.