Principal's Message

Every nation, society and community has to work towards promoting adolescents to acquire knowledge, values, attitudes and life skills. These help them in taking decisions, solving problems and thinking critically and creatively. Adolescence is a period of rapid development when young people acquire new capacities and are faced with new challenges everyday. They are in a stage with marked egos, With a little help in logical thinking and problem solving, their talent skills and talents can be brought to the fore.

They will be able to establish a social identity for themselves. It is a time not only for opportunity but also for vulnerability.

In order to prepare our young minds for life and work in a rapidly changing world, we at Little Scholars, discuss, guide and interact with them. This helps in building their personality and prepares them for different problems which they encounter with their friends, siblings and adults. We build their confidence and teach moral values through thoughts and actions.

Subodh Kumar Singh