Summer Timing:- 07:20 am to 1:30 pm

Winter Timing:- 07:50 am to 02:00 pm

Meeting with the Principal : With prior appointment only.

Regular Parent Teacher Interaction will be held periodically, the schedule of which is given in the school Planner. Parents will not be allowed to discuss matter with teachers during their lesson periods. However, if required they may meet the class/ subject teacher only during recess, with prior permission of Principal.

    Duration of lessons:-
  • 1st lesson 00:45 Min
  • 2nd lesson 00:40 Min
  • 3rd lesson 00:40 Min
  • 4th lesson 00:40 Min
  • 5th lesson 00:40 Min
  • Break/Recess 00:20 Min
  • 6th lesson 00:40 Min
  • 7th lesson 00:35 Min
  • 8th lesson 00:35 Min
  • 9th lesson 00:35 Min
  • 4th Saturday will be a half day.

Zero lesson plan:-

Monday- General Assembly & Unit Test

Wednesday to Friday -Activity lesson / Class wise Assembly/Special Assembly