In the Junior Section, depending upon the season, students are required to train in a minimum of two sports. They undergo training in Football, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis and Swimming. The students are encouraged to specialize in the sport according to their inclination and also based on the suggestions of the expert Coaches for at least one whole year. Many of them stay specialised with that sport and acquire special skills. However, the students are encouraged to play inter-house tournaments and participate in other sports, to promote all-rounder sportsmen. This emphasis also instils team spirit skills for life beyond the school days, and a wider appreciation of sport in general. The marathon is a mandatory event and is one of the key resources for the assessment of student health and wellbeing. Every student on an average is required to play for an hour of sports every day. Further, the school has a mission that every student must be able to swim.

The students regularly represent National, State, District, Inter School and CBSE tournaments. Many national level sportsmen have emerged from the school. Apart from outdoor sports, the students are encouraged to play cerebral games like Chess.

Adventure Camps are a yearly feature of the school and a lifetime experience for the students.


Football Department

WORLD'S MOST POPULAR GAME-- Football or Soccer Is A Way of Life in Little Scholars Equipped with the best playing facilities, our school boasts of a full dimension football field. Under the able guidance of their coaches, our footballers have always been at the forefront in various tournaments. As a well spun and conditioned outfit, they have brought home many a laurels. In the post- pandemic phase, we are quite optimistic that our soccer team will be in the reckoning at various competitions.


Cricket Department

Game of the Teeming Millions

Cricket in India, enjoys the biggest fan following. Cricketers are virtually worshipped as demi Gods.

Keeping the spirit of cricket alive, Little Scholars boasts of great facilities. The school has its own world class cricket ground. The school team has won many a laurels at the interschool, interdistrict and interstate levels.

At the moment, cricket facilities are being upgraded as per the standards of BCCI.


Volleyball Department

Little scholars is aquipped with two Volleyball court seperate for boys and girls.The school team has won many a laurels at the interschool, interdistrict and interstate levels.


Basketball Department

OUR EXCEPTIONAL CAGERS CANNOT BE CAGED Basketball has always been our forte. Every year, in the month of October, we host Shakuntala Bhalla Memorial Inter School Basketball wherein, schools from Kashipur, Bazpur, Jaspur, Nainital and Rudrapur have been participating with zeal. The school has two basketball courts of international specifications and every effort is made to ensure that basketball continues in our routine. For this, we have coaches on campus. Indeed, we take pride in our accomplishments.


Badminton Department

Badminton is a great sport for fitness and is very excellent for individuals of all age groups. If you want to try out a new racket sport, it is a great choice. It is officially chosen as the fastest of all racket sports in the world. The speed at which a player can hit the shuttlecock is up to 288kph toward their opponent.

A player can also run around the court up to 6.4km or 4 miles during the match, so the players must have great agility to keep up with this game. Although agility and stamina are necessary for this game at a competitive level, anyone can play this game to achieve fitness and flexibility.


Kho-Kho Department

Little scholars is dotted with a KHO-KHO ground.Its a traditional Indian game, the school team has won at school level and district levels and few children were selected for state level.


Swimming Department


As rightly said, "Practice makes a man perfect". This is evident as far as swimming concerned at Little Scholars. There is an ultra-modern, all weather half Olympic size, indoor aquatic complex under a qualified and result oriented swimming instructor. Since its inception in 2014, this unique facility has produced champions at the school, city, district, state and national levels, consistently. Our ace swimmers have brought home many accolades and are still rearing to brush aside their competitors. To attain such amazing feats, our swimming squad trains regularly. Moreover, the entire aquatic complex is monitored through CCTV cameras to ensure safety.


Chess Department

Little Scholars is one of the few schools having facility of teaching Chess in school. The game of chess is considered as the best exercise for brain.

The school has great environment for the fastest growing games in our country.

Our Student Ansh Agarwal, Dev Rastogi and ex-student Krish Agarwal were rewarded in the chess competition held around Kashipur.